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WWII Wartime Log

A Wartime Log

Hope Langan (daughter of  former POW 2Lt Vincent A. Grimes) recently had lunch with Kriegy Bill Sharpe and his daughter Cindy.  During lunch she shared with them her father's Wartime Log.    

Beginning in 1943, the War Prisoners Aid of the YMCA—dedicated to the spiritual, educational, and recreational needs of POWs—supplied blank journals for inclusion in Red Cross Aid packages bound for Europe. It was reported that they sent enough journals for every American POW.  It is unknown how many actually made it into the hands of prisoners, or how many survived the camps, forced marches and the intervening years. Wartime Logs came with a cover letter containing the instruction to let the book be a “visible link between yourself and the folks at home.” The journals were coveted, bartered and traded. They created a precious forum in which to list frustrations and to sketch out hopes and desires.  2Lt Grimes' War Log contained many personal messages, pictures from the camp and a day by day description of the Long March.  Many Thanks to Hope for letting Bill and Cindy view your family's treasure.

Friends of Oflag 64 Artifact Collection Example

Lt Wilbur Sharpe's Heart Shield Bible

On the right is an example of an artifact that was donated to Friends of Oflag 64. 

Lt  Wilbur Blaine Sharpe carried this Bible with him when he was deployed during World War II and it remained on his person for the entirety of his wartime service. Sharpe was captured by General Erwin Rommel’s forces during Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa, in February 1943, and spent 19 months as a prisoner-of-war (POW) in Occupied Poland before escaping and making his way to freedom in January 1945.  

We are particularly interested in collecting any and all personal articles, books, diaries, or recorded memories of former POWs relating to Oflag 64 as soon as possible, as they will be used as reference materials for designing the Museum.  All Oflag 64 artifacts are considered to be significant and all Oflag 64 related artifacts are of value to the Museum. 

Link to Artifact Donation Form. 

2Lt Wilbur Sharpe's Bible
2Lt Wilbur Sharpe's Bible