Friends of Oflag 64


 501 (c) (3) nonprofit EIN:  84 -1889226 

Friends of Oflag 64 has been officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit on August 19, 2019 and is listed under the Guidestar website with the NTEE code A54, History and Museums! 

The Board of Directors: 

Cindy Burgess (daughter of ex-Kriegy Wilbur Sharpe) Chairman 

Nancy Wyatt (daughter of ex-Kriegy Robert Thompson) Secretary 

Anne Kreutzer (daughter of ex-Kriegy Nathaniel Hoskot) Treasurer 

The Artifacts Committee: 

Dave Stewart (son of ex-Kriegy Don Stewart) 

Claire Anderson Bowlby (PhD student at George Mason University) 

Rosa Lee (daughter of ex-Kriegy Vincent Di Francesco)